Drop 1 – Synonymous with Speed

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“Synonymous with Speed” transcends what’s expected by wearing a statement. An outspoken remark in which individu- als are driven to be unmistakably unique, aimed to be first and foremost without any limitations.

Paying homage to the foundation of the spirit of the streets, the first shapes and silhouettes are build up. Started from threads and premium organic cottons, that led into existing luxurious garments that empower. Celesto’s signature styles behave like an extension of strong perso- nalities offering sublime comfort and contain numerous, often hidden, details of identical race designs. Rooted from cherished motor- sports, the collection is dedicated to those who are winners in the “race of champions.”

“One day waking up feels great, Pushed to the absolute edge, Always on the watch finding something new, We go louder and faster.
No way to breath.

Ready.. Set
Never give up and keep fighting
There is no head- to- head while racing in synonymous with speed .
Enjoying leagues that brings together humanity Records were there to be broken,
But first, finish in infinity.