Chapter I, Chapter II, and SS20

Released on
December 17, 2019

Dutch high-end streetwear brand Celesto showcased their collection for the first time at the Westergasfabriek. Here’s a glimpse into the show.

“Celesto brings a new genre of unisex fashion. A fashion-forward, urban streetwear look that is also refined,” said Mick Miller, fashion founder of Celesto in the press release. “We do this for Generation Z, and the older generation that dares to experiment. At Celesto, we love to create; from fashion to experiences and trends. Our show should also be an experience for everyone involved, from the performers to the guests.”

During the show, the streetwear brand presented three collections: Chapter I, Chapter II, and SS20. “From high-quality silk blouses paired with cargo pants to rugged leather trousers showcased with sophisticated T-shirts, each featuring unique Celesto artwork,” according to the press release. The items will be available for purchase on Celesto’s own website starting from December 20th.